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July 5, 2022 mswartz No Comments

July 5 2022 in Fredericton NB, Trip Summary So Far

Started my bike ride on Monday, June 27 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Since then have been to Newport Station, where I “glamped” overnight, Kentville, where I stayed for two nights with Laura and Bob May (great hosts and intrepid long-distance cyclists, same age as me!), in Kingston NS I was hosted by a wonderful woman and her young daughter, Annapolis Royal (which they call the cradle of the country) on Canada Day in a BnB a few minutes from the Bay of Fundy basin, then Digby in a BnB to catch the ferry to St. John, New Brunswick in the morning.

In St. John NB I was hosted by Gary and Buffy Lee (and their 9 year old daughter). They fed me superbly and Gary drove me around the city both days to show me around! He also drove me and my bike to about 25 km south of Fredericton, to Maugerville, because there was nowhere for me to stay in between Fredericton and Oromocto. I rode from there in to Fredericton, where the Airst family is hosting me nicely now. (Turns out they’re neighbours with my aunt and uncle when in Florida; small world!)

Along the way I have had a chance to conduct three interviews with passers-by on their views about Canadian democracy, racism and hate:

Video 1, in Halifax, NS

Video 2, near Sackville, NS

Video 3, in Kingston, NS

Video 4, on road by Bear River, NS

Am truly enjoying the interactions with people I’d never have met otherwise. 🙂


Please donate directly to the campaign of one or more nonprofits I am riding in support of:

Mosaic Institute – dismantling prejudice

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