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Aug 3 2022 DemocraCycle Interview Eight A, Ottawa, Ontario My Airbnb host in Ottawa, Marni, agreed to share her views on democracy. She experienced the trucker convoy in Ottawa (Feb-Mar 2022) and has a few choice words to share. At first she said she didn’t have much to say. However when given a chance, it turns out she is very thoughtful and articulate. […]

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July 2 2022 DemocraCycle Interview 4 Bear River NS

DemocraCycle Interview four Met an interesting gentleman on the road to Bear River, NS (between Annapolis Royal and Digby). He spoke of his inter-racial marriage, growing up Black in a Nova Scotia with segregation. The Mosaic Institute Canadian Anti-Hate Network #bikelife #democracy #newbrunswick

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June 30 2022 DemocraCycle Interview 3 Kingston NS

DemocraCycle interview 3, Kingston NS, dismantling prejudice against mental illness 15 views Jul 12, 2022 As I rode into Kingston, Nova Scotia on my bike ride to raise funds for The Mosaic Institute (dismantling prejudice), I passed by a home with a huge poster in front. It showed an image of a young man who […]

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June 27 2022 DemocraCycle Interview 2 Sackville NS

Was cycling down a beautiful trail in Sackville, Nova Scotia, on the way from Halifax to Newport Corner, day one of my #DemocraCycle ride. Came upon a couple friskilly motoring away, each on a one-wheel electric skateboard. Looked like a riot of fun. Approached them and asked if I could interview them for my blog. […]