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July 17, 2022 mswartz No Comments

July 17 2022 DemocraCycle Interview Five, L’Islet Sur Mer, Quebec

I took a stroll at lunchtime from the bed-and-breakfast I’m staying at in L’Islet Sur Mer, #Quebec, which is about 90 kilometers from Levis and Quebec City in the eastern part of this province. A few blocks from here is a cass-croute (roadside diner with takeout). After ordering, a gentleman that looked to be around my age commented, in French, on how we were both seeking shade from a blaring sun. I answered and he began speaking English, which in these parts is not always so common.
I told him I was riding for anti-racism and anti-hate. He invited me to join him at a table in the shade for our meal. It’s funny how you never know how diverse a stranger’s background can be. This fellow is a part-time dairy farmer, part-time driver for a medical testing company, husband, father to three young women, and a published poet.
He spoke on camera for about five minutes about his concerns over detriorating democracy in the U.S. and its spillover into Canada. He also recited one of his poems, in French, about the Syrian refugee crisis! Meanwhile he chomped his hot dogs while I downed my veggie wrap. A great meal experience. Merci Jacques Roy!


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