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July 20 2022 DemocraCycle Interview six, On Way To Levis, Quebec

After a wonderful three night stay in Levis, Quebec (directly across from Quebec City), I took a cab partway to my next destination. My driver, a genial fellow, was originally from Tunisia, in North Africa. The country used to be a colony of France from 1881 to 1957.

Annise, the driver, spoke about how he has lived in a number of countries, within Africa and Europe, yet he considers Canada to be the most democratic and least corrupt. He also says that neither he nor his wife have experienced the sting of racism here. However that was not always the case in France for him.

His father, upon visiting Canada and experiencing its openness and diversity, marveled about our great country. What a pleasure to hear such ringing enorsements from those with different backgrounds!


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