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About Us and Mark D Swartz


Hi! I’m Mark Swartz, a 61 year old writer who’s solo cycling from Halifax to Toronto. I’ve been very concerned about how racism, hate and challenges to democracy in Canada keep arising. So I’m riding to fundraise for homegrown nonprofits who push for better in these crucial areas.

This seven week bike journey is from Halifax to my hometown of Toronto, about 2,000 km, starting June 27 2022. Along the way I’ll be interviewing folks about their views on democracy. What does it mean to them? How can it be improved? Watch for clips and daily updates on my Blog page.

The NonProfits I Am Riding For

Please donate directly to the campaign of one or more nonprofits I am riding in support of:

Mosaic Institute – dismantling prejudice

Canadian Anti-Hate Network – monitoring and countering hate

Any donation you make to the nonprofits go 100% to them directly, via GoFundMe (minus their small processing fee).

Consider Helping Me On My Ride

My 2,000 km, 7 week ride to crowdfund for nonprofits is a real challenge for me.

Donations to my personal GoFundMe campaign will help pay for my costs. This includes creating this website, equipping my bike, paying for food, lodging, airfare and repair costs.

I’ll be trying to stay in people’s homes as much as possible, using the sites and If you’re on my route and can offer a night’s rest, I’d be much obliged.

Thank you!

About Mark D Swartz

Father of two grown kids. I’m a Toronto-based author, speaker and Canadian democracy advocate. Until fairly recently, I’d been writing about careers and the workplace since mid 90’s. Had a bi-weekly column in Toronto Star early to mid-2000’s called Career Activist. Several books published beginning 1997.

Before that a sessional professor of Communications at Ryerson (now Toronto Metropolitan University) for several years. Managed a small government department in Ministry of Education prior. Worked first in the corporate world, marketing, for a dozen years. I hold an MBA from what is now Schulich at York University, and an M.Ed. from UofT’s OISE.

I have no affiliation with the nonprofits I am cycling for other than I am fundraising on their behalves. I call my ride DemocraCycle.

Mark D Swartz in nature

Why Donate?


Dismantle Prejudice

Outbursts of blatant racism continue to stain our reputation for diversity and inclusion in Canada. You can help experts expand mutual understanding.


Counter Hate

Hate groups and extremists threaten our amazing democracy and personal safety. You can help experts contain this growing danger.


Help Mark Ride for Nonprofits

Assist Mark in covering his numerous costs as he cycles on his own from Halifax to Toronto, in support of Canadian democracy.

Mark intro’s his DemocraCycle ride (2 minutes or so)