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Cause - Dismantle Prejudice

Mosaic Institute for Harnessing Diversity

Dismantle Prejudice

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Outbursts of blatant racism continue to stain our reputation for diversity and inclusion in Canada. You can help experts expand mutual understanding. Receive a charitable donation receipt.

Why I Choose To Support Mosaic Institute

This Canadian charitable organization brings together people of all backgrounds. They build understanding, find common ground, respect difference, and find ways forward for a more peaceful and equitable society. They’re internationally respected and recognized, as well as community led and informed.

About Mosaic Institute

For 15 years, the Mosaic Institute has been a unique leader in equipping people with the tools to dismantle prejudice in their own communities through research, dialogue, policy, and training. We believe everyone has a right to be free from prejudice & discrimination. Our collective futures depend on it. The growing demand for our work is only made possible through donations and project-based grants. Mosaic’s:
> community-grounded research and policy work amplifies the voices in Canada to identify specific issues and inform equitable solutions to those issues and systemic problems. 
> facilitated in-depth dialogues, conducted through the “Mosaic Model of Dialogue” create space for intersectional conversations that result in community connection, understanding, and action-oriented recommendations.
> education, training, and programs equip people of all backgrounds to break down the barriers they experience, and work toward inclusion and prosperity for all.  

At Mosaic, Canada’s diversity isn’t a problem – it’s a solution. Read more about us here.