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June 30 2022 DemocraCycle Interview 3 Kingston NS

DemocraCycle interview 3, Kingston NS, dismantling prejudice against mental illness

15 views Jul 12, 2022 As I rode into Kingston, Nova Scotia on my bike ride to raise funds for The Mosaic Institute (dismantling prejudice), I passed by a home with a huge poster in front. It showed an image of a young man who had taken his own life in 2015.

The poster urged us to focus on love, not hate. And its mention of Clinical Depression struck a personal nerve: I live with a form of that medical condition, that mental illness. Mine is known as dysthymia (a chronic but somewhat lower level version of Depression, which I manage through medication, but I used to do a lot of talk therapy with a psychiatrist too.

I stopped in to this home and had a very moving conversation with the mom. She was really honest about some of the discrimination her son had faced. Here is the raw interview.

Please contribute to The Mosaic Institute, a charity for which you’ll receive a tax receipt.

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