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Riviere du Loup
July 16, 2022 mswartz No Comments

July 16 2022 After three more days of Covid fatigue am in Mont Carmel Quebec

It’s Saturday evening, July 16, here in a sparely populated stretch of Mont Carmel, Quebec. The past two days were not pretty, with my Covid basically fatiguing me to the point where I just needed to mostly stay in bed – at a basic motel in Riviere Verte.
Quite the logistical quagmire what with having pre-booked my stays until two days from now. It’s meant riding to towns where there’s cab service and hoping for the best. This morning was another good example. I was at the Motel Express in Riviere-Verte, about 10 km north of Riviere-Du-Loup. The motel room was small but clean and next to a Tim’s. That’s where I bought my lunch and a chicken salad for dinner tonight, knowing I’d be back in the boonies far from cuisine.
After waiting a half hour for my food – the place was mobbed, being near a highway – I called the local taxi. For the second time in two days I was told I couldn’t get to where I needed to be from there. So I mounted my bike and rode into Riviere Du Loup, a beautiful small city, population 20,118, on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River. There’s a hospital here, and a really charming downtown section with privately owned shops and restaurants. Would have loved to stay longer.
As I sat on a park bench in that downtown section, looking up taxis, a cab pulled up to the stop sign right next to me.
It was empty and even had a bike rack on back! I jumped up and used my basic French to request a ride. The cabbie spoke pretty good English and we worked out a suitable route and fee.
He dropped me aout 55 km west, at highway 287. I was now about 20km north of my AirBnB.
However the terrain turned out to be major ups and downs, head-windy, and I just didn’t have the leg power to make it all the way. I called the BnB owner, and he so nicely offered to come pick me up in Mont Carmel. Interesting guy: retired fire firefighter, truck driver, and working at a power plant.
His home is on a spread of land and is mostly built out of wood. My bedroom is large with many windows. Great place! There’s a couple from Quebec and one from Germany staying here too. We had a nice chat, multilingual.  🙂

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