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July 9 – 11 2022 LESS SICK with Covid, STILL STRAGGLING in New Brunswick Part 2 of 2


Back to July 9. So there I was having reached the campgrounds I’d booked, this was around 4:30 pm near Costigan, NB, ill (and not yet aware I had Covid) but able to ride there 20km (after a cab ride), the last 8 of which were mostly fatiguingly uphill, draining me bigly.

The owner welcomes me. A site for sore eyes. All I want to do is lie down and sleep a few hours.
“How can I help you, sir?” he asks.
“I’ve booked two nights here, in a cabin.”
He eyes me funny. “Umm, you sure?”
I pull out my reservation info. “Yeah, says so right here.”
He shuffles some papers, looks at me grimly, and says “Thing is, we don’t have any cabins here.”
Turns out the person who booked me was a sweet octegenarian gal who not only assured me I’d have a bed for two nights, but also committed that same imaginary room to someone else!Enter the kindness of strangers. Chris, the owner, called a motel in town and negotiated a special rate for me. Then he gathered his truck, we plopped my bike and packs in the back, and he motored me a good 23km right to the place. Now that’s customer service in the face of a misunderstanding! Thanks, Chris!
The motel was a small saga in itself. That special rate was for a room in the basement, where there was no heat at the time (it was about to get fixed). It was dark and cold but I buried myself under the blanket and caught two hours of exhausted sleep. Upon wakening it was obvious if I stayed down there I’d get sicker. The motel did have a small but comfortable room above ground, more expensive but they did give me a pricing break. Been here now for four straight days!
The past two mornings I had to skip the included breakfast, due to involuntarily sleeping well beyond serving time. I had ordered in a large batch of food from Pizza Delight on the second night (health food be damned!) and ate that instead once my appetite returned.
This morning one of the managers, a very nice French Canadian woman, brought me a hot brekkie to my room when I told her I hadn’t been feeling well. Mind you she now looks at me like I radiate the plague. Also I cancelled a free stay in Edmunston with a healthcare worker. I’m generous, but not in terms of sharing my Covid contagion!
Anyway fast forward to this morning. Am staying at same motel one more night. My symptoms are already receding, thanks to four vaccinations before leaving on this trip. Will likely be extra tired for next week or so. Hence I’m hunkered down in my room for the day. Keeping my distance from humans. Catching up on posting. Striving to fundraise further for The Mosaic Institute and Canadian Anti-Hate Network. You can help hugely by donating directly to them. Support dismantling prejudice and anti-hate at
The journey continues. Please spread the word if you like my chronicles.
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