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July 2, 2022 mswartz No Comments

July 2 2022 from Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia to Digby NS

Saturday’s ride was a super soaker. Started in Annapolis Royal, “a beautiful waterfront community nestled in the Annapolis Valley. Originally inhabited by a strong Mi’kmaq community, in 1605 the area became home to some of North America’s earliest European settlers.”
I rode about 52km for what would have been a 21 km trip by car. In order to avoid Hwy 101 (fast cars, insufficient shoulders), you have to make a detour around Bear River. Lots of slow uphills, in first gear at about 6-7 km/hr. Then some 45-50 km/hr downhills.
You’d think I’d thrill to the speed of these descents. Nuh-uh. Wet roads going fast make my tires spew up a constant spray of water, which hit my face – and, of course, my glasses – with an oh so refreshing reminder that I didn’t quite anticipate every obstacle for this trip. Will buy a front fender at the next bike shop I see.
Stopped for a light lunch in Bear River. What surprised me was the prevalence of artists homes and galleries in such a small community.
Unfortumately the sopping weather slammed my iphone, which got caught in the initial downpour a minute after I left the BnB I’d stayed at. So the interview I conducted and the pics I took will have to wait a few days for me to display.
Spent last night in Digby, NS, home of the ferry that will take me across to St John, New Brunswick this morning. Looking forward to the next stage of my adventure. So long, Nova Scotia!



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